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This website is not just for geeks, gamers, nerds or techies, it has something for everyone. The term mild in the TechMild suggests that you don’t need much of technical knowledge to read our post, they are written in simplest language possible, plus needed technical knowledge is also shared in the post or using anchor links.

TechMild was started with the aim of providing knowledge, news, lifestyle and health tips, movies, music info and what not in the simplest language possible. We will try to keep the website design minimal to provide high speed website to you with minimal ads.

We are open for guest posts you can contact us if interested. Remember no adult or hate/violence content will be posted for any amount of money so please don’t waste your time in sending shitty stories to us.

Base location of the website is in India but we try to cover worldwide trends too, with time team will get bigger and more topics will be covered. Right now our basic focus is on latest tech news, gamer guides and health topics. We will soon extend to entertainment section consisting posts related to movies and music, as we already said TechMild knows no limits.

Tagline says “your search ends here” which means that its a single stop for everything, if you feel like TechMild got nothing for you then feel free to advice us to writing on certain topics of your interest, we will do it ASAP or may hire new writers to do that for you.

We do ask our writers to verify every single information that they write in the posts so you can say all posts are very much trustworthy and are likely to be based upon actual facts. However we don’t take any responsibility for the authenticity of guest posts, sources of information are likely to be mentioned within the post. Feel free to comment in case you find any mistake in post or bug in design, it’ll be of great help.

We hope you will enjoy spending time here, thank you. 🙂

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