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5 Ways To Increase Internet Speed Using Command Prompt



Increase Internet Speed Using Command Prompt Commands

Facing a problem with you Internet Connection? Getting lower download speed than usual? Then there may be an issue with your Internet Configuration or the issue may entirely be inside your PC or even the ISP itself. Most of the common DNS, TCP and IP address related problems can easily be solved using Windows Command Prompt. In this post we will share some of the Command Prompt commands that will help you to clean the Internet issues residing inside your PC, you will come to know how to increase Internet Speed Using Command Prompt.

Opening Command Prompt

There are numerous ways in which you can start command prompt in Windows. Simplest way is to type cmd in windows search bar (address bar) and hit enter or you may search it in Windows Start Menu too. You can also type cmd in RUN too to open it. Make sure you start command prompt with administrator rights, you can do that by right clicking on command prompt and choose “Run as administrator”. The commands that we will use next in this post will require administrator permission that’s why this step is quite necessary.

1. Reset IP Address

There are hundreds of issues that may affect you IP address resulting in slower internet or browsing. It can be a simple IP conflict or some other problem at the DHCP server. No need to worry, in most of the cases a simple IP reset is enough to resolve the problems. Here I will tell you how you can order command prompt to close the existing connection with current IP address and renew it. However it’s quite normal to get the same IP address again, the point here is to disconnect and create a new connection, it’s like restarting your connection.

Reset IP Address Using Command Prompt

Steps to Reset IP Address:

  1. Type ipconfig /release and hit enter, IP info will be showed on the screen.
  2. Type ipconfig /renew and press enter,  this will reset your IP address and will break any slowdowns that were existing due to IP related issues.

2. Reset Winshock

There are multiple network sockets that are used by the Windows to transfer and receive data, and programs can install LSP (Layered Service Providers) to manage traffic and ridirect it to right path. If there is any kind of corruption in sockets occur or LSP gets infected then that can lead to a slow internet connection, website loading problems or website redirects.

However it’s quite easy to reset these Windows Network sockets back to default with just one simple command in command prompt. To reset these sockets, type the command netsh winshock reset and press enter. After resetting you will need to restart you PC for the changes to take effect.

3. Flush DNS Resolver Cache

Windows saves a list of website hostnames and IP addresses that we visit and saves them in DNS resolver cache which helps the PC to easily create a connection with a website that we have already accessed before. If any kind of corruption occurs in the DNS resolver cache files then it could lead to slower or no access to some websites. Thisdoesn’t really slows down your internet speed but impacts your browsing speed for specific websites. If you think you’re facing such a situation then you can simply flush DNS resolver cache to solve the problem.

To flush the DNS resolver cache, type command ipconfig /flushdns and press enter. A confirmation message will be seen on screen saying “Successfully flushed DNS Resolver Cache”.

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4. Speed Up Media Streaming

In case you have a high speed network but still video streaming websites like YouTube or Dailymotion are streaming slow with lot of buffering then there is a high chance that your ISP might be throttling with your connection. It’s quite common for Internet Service Providers to throttle media streaming to save Internet Bandwidth. However a simple command can fix this throttling issue.

Simply write the whole command given below in Command Prompt and press Enter:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”StopThrottling” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

This will give power to your firewall to prevent your ISP from throttling your connection while streaming.

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5. The Netsh Command

The netsh commands provides you options to configure multiple network settings that directly affect the connection performance. If your computer is taking a really unusual time to connect to websites, then using this command you can make multiple changes as per your requirement. Here we will share some important netsh commands that can be helpful in improving speed of your connection. After every command execution there will be a confirmation message saying “Ok”. There may be some commands that will not work in your PC due to compatibility issues.

  • netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
  • netsh int tcp set global dca=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global netdma=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set supplemental (Alternative command for Win7 users is below)
  • netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp (For Windows 7 users)

You can use all these commands one by one and then restart your PC to see the changes in effect. Remember these commands are to speed up connectivity mainly which results as improvement in overall internet speed.

If you think any of these netsh command is not compatible or causing connectivity problems then you can replace the “enabled” part of the command with the word “disabled” to revert the changes done by the command previously.

So that’s it friends, these were some Internet related commands of command prompt which can seriously help you out in resolving your Internet connectivity issues and speed up your connection speed. Do share your browsing experience with us in the comment section below.

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IT Security

Top 5 Free Keyloggers For Windows To Monitor Keystrokes



Keylogger is the term made from the combination of keys and logs that means the software or the device that is used to create and maintain the log of the keys pressed on a keyboard of a particular computer. A keylogger can be a software or a small hardware device which captures all the keywords typed on the keyboard. Keyloggers are often considered evil and is studied under the concept of hacking however monitoring is an integral feature of an organization’s security.

Keylogger Wallpaper - Free Download Keloggers for windows

Basically Keyloggers can be used for both the good and the bad, here are some of the examples of both:

  • If you own a cyber cafe then you can keep track of what sites your customers are visiting, however it may be illegal in some countries due to violation of right to privacy.
  • To keep an eye on your employees.
  • You can keep an eye on your kids what they are searching on the web.
  • People also use them to keep backup of the text or their work.
  • Keystrokes can also compromise your login info of various social sites and bank accounts, hackers do use it in many ways to extract info from the victims.

A physical hardware keylogger is easy to detect as it needs to be connected between the keyboard and the USB/PS2 port. However the software keyloggers for windows are becoming more powerful with each coming update, these are getting almost impossible to detect by a normal computer user, there are various anti-keylogger programs and anti-viruses available on the internet which claim that the can detect keyloggers and help you get rid of them but they are not supposed to give 100% results as a detection program can only be developed only after that particular version of keylogger is released till then they are not supposed to work.

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You have already read above about the advantages of Keylogger, how to use them for your PC’s security or to keep eye on your kids, now we will list some of the best free keyloggers for windows that are available to download on the internet. Most of theses keyloggers come with two versions i.e free and premium, the premium version offers some extra features that’s it.

Top Software Keyloggers For Windows

Keylogger Platinum

Free Keylogger Platinum is a software keylogger for windows used for hidden keyboard monitoring. It can capture every keystroke from any application or program running on windows. All these captured keystrokes are then saved into secret log files in your computer. You can access those logs via Local Network, or from the program interface using a special hotkey to open/hide keylogger that only you will know. In addition to this keystroke logging, this program also has the function of Windows clipboard scan and web navigation monitoring. Simply we can say that it records all copied text, also capture addresses and titles of visited websites.

Click Here to visit the official download page to download Free Keylogger Platinum

REFOG Free Keylogger

This free windows keylogger software can keep track of all the chat rooms and instant messaging conversations then decode them in the best possible manner so users can read them with ease. Also the software will keep a log of all the websites visited by each user on that computer, as well as the applications used to give you a full picture of what was being really done on your computer. You can also set the software to take periodic screenshots to provide additional useful information, it’s like a real spy like you were watching them from a back chair. Unlike most of the free keyloggers for windows, this one can run invisibly and undetected behind the screen 24 hours a day and is maintenance-free.

Click Here to visit the official download page to download REFOG Free Keylogger

Revealer Free Keylogger

There are two versions of Revealer Keylogger that are available to download i.e Free Version and the pro version. Free Revealer Keylogger offers password protection to prevent someone else from opening the program, keystroke monitoring – records texts, passwords and conversations. Some extra features are available in the pro version, Revealer Keylogger Pro 2.2 allows you to take screenshots of the desktop or the active window, full invisible mode which hides the program from everywhere – hides in task manager, at startup and on the device. Pro version also lets you to send log files via email, dropbox, ftp or local network.

Click Here to visit the official download page to download Revealer Free Keylogger

KidLogger – The Free Keylogger

The name may sound amateur to you but it may be the best keylogger service available right now to monitor your kids online activity, this free keylogger is available for all the platforms including Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone, blackberry and Linux PC. You can see the difference between the free and premium version on their website, the main problem using this Keylogger is that it’s easily visible in task manager and explorer so it takes away that hacker feeling if you are searching for it. This program is basically a Kid monitoring program.

Click Here to visit the official download page to download Kidlogger Free Keylogger

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KidLogger – The Free Keylogger

The name may sound amateur to you but it may be the best keylogger service available right now to monitor your kids online activity, this free keylogger is available for all the mobile and PC platforms including Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone, blackberry and Linux PC. You can see the difference between the free and premium version on their website, the main problem using this Keylogger is that it’s easily visible in task manager and explorer so it takes away that hacker feeling if you are searching for it. This program is basically a Kid monitoring program.

Click Here to visit the official download page to download Kidlogger Free Keylogger

BlackBox Security Monitor

BlackBox Express is a free security monitoring software, it’s not just keylogger it’s a lot more than that. BlackBox can monitor 1 local PC and up to 200 remote computers on the network. It has the ability to log keystrokes, web searches, ran programs, visited websites, watched videos, email client programs, emails, instant messaging chat services, social websites and capture screenshots. Not just that, you also get to exclude the user that you don’t want to monitor on the computer. BlackBox Express runs as a service and hidden by default that does not show up in the taskbar and doesn’t display an icon in notification area. However you can still find the process in task manager process tab and can be stopped from there and the only way to launch the program is from the shortcut or alternatively running the executable file from the main program folder. Password protection is present. You will need to register for a free account before downloading the program.

Click Here to visit the official download page to download BlackBox Security Monitor

That’s it friends, these were the top most popular keylogger software available for the windows. Do let us know in the comment section about your choice when it comes to using a keylogger to keep an eye on your kids or employees.

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Messenger Kids App – Facebook Making Internet Safer For Under 13 Children



Facebook Messenger Kids App

Facebook is the largest social platform right now on the internet so there are high chances you might be using it too, “Messenger” is the mobile app from Facebook which is used to send and receive messages from your Facebook friends. On Monday (4 Dec), Facebook showed a preview for its next project – Messeger Kids App : a special mobile app that will provide a safer environment for kids under 13 years of age to chat online with their friends under the supervision of their parents. Messenger Kids app is available to download in US for iOS users right now but will be available for android and iOS users throughout the world very soon.

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The Messenger Kids App doesn’t require your kids to make a Facebook profile, you just have to install the app on kids phone, create a Messenger Kids app profile for them and you’re good to go. That Messenger Kids App profile of the kid will be connected to parent profile and the parents will be able to approve friends and family with whom the kid can interact, text or video chat using their main Messenger app. Not just this, the Messenger Kids App will have a special proactive detection safety filter to prevent the children from sharing nudity, sexual content or violence. Facebook has made a special dedicated support team that will respond very quickly to the reported flagged content. Facebook has even asked Giphy to create a Kid friendly version for Messenger Kids app.

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There are lot of childish version of Snapchat like camera filters for the kids which will make video chat very fun for them. Whole app look is made keeping kids in mind, even the Messender Kids App logo is similar to the main Messenger App but slightly childish. Have a look at this video demo video by Facebook for Messenger Kids App:

The demo looks quite promising, bringing brighter side of Internet close to kids. Let us talk about the main ideas shown in the video one by one.

Video chat and Messaging Built For Kids

Just like the ordinary Facebook Messenger app, this app has all those features of video chat and messaging just with a little twist. Starting from the app logo to overall look, everything is designed keeping kids in mind.

Fun Features Bring Conversations to Life

Stickers, Gifs and Camera filters – brand new collection of all these made just for the kids. They are gonna love it, these filters make their video calls so much fun it’s like half the time they talk and half the time they laugh lol.

Parents Control The Contact List In Messenger Kids App

Whenever someone new tries to message or talk to your kid, a approval must be given from the parent’s main messenger app. Without the approval from the parents none can talk or contact the kid at all, that’s the best part about this app. Now the parents will have the idea with whom their kids are talking to, they will know when the kids got a new friend. That’s quite a relief for parents to be able to keep their kids away from cyber bullies.

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More Fun For Kids, More Control For Parents

Compared to the main messenger app this Messenger Kids app is more fun for kids with its new look, stickers, gifs and filters plus safer as the people they can talk to are decided by the parents. Do give this app a try, every parent should.

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If you are a Apple iOS user then you can download the Messenger Kids App from here. Android users will need to wait for some days. So friends that’s all we know about the Messenger Kids App right now, do let us now in the comment section below what you think about this amazing concept of making Internet Safer for the kids.

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Time Demands You To Teach Coding To Your Kids



Conding - The Need Of Time

In this generation people are communicating more through technology than in real, people spend hours daily on social media, chatting or video calling. People are preferring to spend more time with the gadgets than real human being, even a 10 year old spends average of 2 hours on mobile, computer or some gaming console. Few decades back people would have called you psycho for spending this much time with the machines but now this is mainstream in fact people who are not on social media or don’t like these new tech gadgets are considered weird, how weird is that lol. In short we are getting addicted or you can say more dependable on technology in our daily lifestyle. So it’s important for us to understand how these computers work, how we are able to communicate or play games, if gadgets are becoming our best friend then you must know who he/she is. Years ago people were considered well educated if they were able to communicate well (in some human language like English) but in this era of machine the requirement to learn is not limited to human languages. In this post we will discuss why you must be teaching your kids to code programs, what languages to learn, how to learn coding and where to learn and how to teach coding to your kids.

Why Kids Must Be Learning To Program

Lifetime Benefit and A Job

With the increasing dependence of society on technology, millions of jobs will be waiting for the programmers in future. Programming related job requirements are growing faster than any other stream, there is growing demand for Data Analysts, IT Specialists, Graphic Artists and System Engineers. Coding has already become a basic requirement in different type of jobs in almost every field.

Improves Mental Ability & Skills

  • Writing code develops patience in the person as it requires time and attention to write, codes often go wrong then time has to be invested to correct the mistakes which makes the kid persistent.
  • Makes a solution finding mindset as after writing code they have to run tests, finding problems and then debugging the program.
  • It also helps the kid to understand time management, utilize time on important tasks which will help to achieve the desired result.
  • They will automatically learn to organize their stuff in proper manner, tagging helps them to occupy the skill of management.

How to make Kids learn Coding

Now if you are convinced enough to make your Kid understand the languages of this tech generation then you may be wondering how to make them start learning coding. “How can I teach my kid to learn coding?” this is the question most of the parents may be asking themselves right now, well if you yourself is programmer then you may have the right idea from your experience to know how to grow kid’s interest in coding but if you’re not then don’t worry we will guide you.

Learning has no age

Yes, the best part about programming or coding is that it can be learned at any age, it will be a great experience for everyone to understand how programs work. Most of the parents have no idea at all about coding or what programming is and that’s totally fine, your generation was different but time has changed now your kids do need to learn them to walk with the present generation. The best way to approach your kids to learn coding is to learn with them, yes you. It’s not like you have to give a lot of time, it can be like your new hobby. Be interested in it, your kids will follow.

Where to learn coding

You may be wondering now where to take the coding/programming courses, is there a good teaching institute in your are or not. Worry not, in present world almost everything can be learned online. There are thousands of website which provide coding tutorials for free, you can search the one that suits you. If confused, here is list of most popular websites that can help you complete the programming course sitting at home:

Other than these online courses there are some special tactile and tangible toys which can help kids to develop interest at a very early age, do check out these:

Which Programming Languages To Learn

There are several different programming languages available, choosing one is as difficult as choosing an elective language or subject at school. The language that a programmer is specialized in tells a lot about him, it’s very important that the language is helpful in long run.

Different Types Of Programming Languages


Kids find easier to learn Python because its syntax is more attuned to a normal language, is well written and quite easy to understand. It’s better to build the programming foundations of your kid with Python, you can look up code libraries online without any difficulty.


Syntax-wise Ruby is the easiest to read language for the starters. The code is very much self explanatory which saves you from several hours of explaining how the code is working.  This is also a great language to help the kid understand the concept of programming. It is famous due to its use by Twitter.


Learning java is a lot more challenging than the other two languages mentioned above, it’s like taking next step in the world of programming. Java has been around for decades now and is almost used everywhere, you may have heard the word javascript.

Stop Thinking, Start Learning

World is moving fast, no time to waste, if you think you should learn these languages then start today. If kids start learning at early age then who knows they might end with a huge project like Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook or Bill Gate’s Microsoft, nothing is impossible, start now.

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