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Messenger Kids App – Facebook Making Internet Safer For Under 13 Children



Facebook Messenger Kids App

Facebook is the largest social platform right now on the internet so there are high chances you might be using it too, “Messenger” is the mobile app from Facebook which is used to send and receive messages from your Facebook friends. On Monday (4 Dec), Facebook showed a preview for its next project – Messeger Kids App : a special mobile app that will provide a safer environment for kids under 13 years of age to chat online with their friends under the supervision of their parents. Messenger Kids app is available to download in US for iOS users right now but will be available for android and iOS users throughout the world very soon.

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The Messenger Kids App doesn’t require your kids to make a Facebook profile, you just have to install the app on kids phone, create a Messenger Kids app profile for them and you’re good to go. That Messenger Kids App profile of the kid will be connected to parent profile and the parents will be able to approve friends and family with whom the kid can interact, text or video chat using their main Messenger app. Not just this, the Messenger Kids App will have a special proactive detection safety filter to prevent the children from sharing nudity, sexual content or violence. Facebook has made a special dedicated support team that will respond very quickly to the reported flagged content. Facebook has even asked Giphy to create a Kid friendly version for Messenger Kids app.

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There are lot of childish version of Snapchat like camera filters for the kids which will make video chat very fun for them. Whole app look is made keeping kids in mind, even the Messender Kids App logo is similar to the main Messenger App but slightly childish. Have a look at this video demo video by Facebook for Messenger Kids App:

The demo looks quite promising, bringing brighter side of Internet close to kids. Let us talk about the main ideas shown in the video one by one.

Video chat and Messaging Built For Kids

Just like the ordinary Facebook Messenger app, this app has all those features of video chat and messaging just with a little twist. Starting from the app logo to overall look, everything is designed keeping kids in mind.

Fun Features Bring Conversations to Life

Stickers, Gifs and Camera filters – brand new collection of all these made just for the kids. They are gonna love it, these filters make their video calls so much fun it’s like half the time they talk and half the time they laugh lol.

Parents Control The Contact List In Messenger Kids App

Whenever someone new tries to message or talk to your kid, a approval must be given from the parent’s main messenger app. Without the approval from the parents none can talk or contact the kid at all, that’s the best part about this app. Now the parents will have the idea with whom their kids are talking to, they will know when the kids got a new friend. That’s quite a relief for parents to be able to keep their kids away from cyber bullies.

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More Fun For Kids, More Control For Parents

Compared to the main messenger app this Messenger Kids app is more fun for kids with its new look, stickers, gifs and filters plus safer as the people they can talk to are decided by the parents. Do give this app a try, every parent should.

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If you are a Apple iOS user then you can download the Messenger Kids App from here. Android users will need to wait for some days. So friends that’s all we know about the Messenger Kids App right now, do let us now in the comment section below what you think about this amazing concept of making Internet Safer for the kids.

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