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Time Demands You To Teach Coding To Your Kids



Conding - The Need Of Time

In this generation people are communicating more through technology than in real, people spend hours daily on social media, chatting or video calling. People are preferring to spend more time with the gadgets than real human being, even a 10 year old spends average of 2 hours on mobile, computer or some gaming console. Few decades back people would have called you psycho for spending this much time with the machines but now this is mainstream in fact people who are not on social media or don’t like these new tech gadgets are considered weird, how weird is that lol. In short we are getting addicted or you can say more dependable on technology in our daily lifestyle. So it’s important for us to understand how these computers work, how we are able to communicate or play games, if gadgets are becoming our best friend then you must know who he/she is. Years ago people were considered well educated if they were able to communicate well (in some human language like English) but in this era of machine the requirement to learn is not limited to human languages. In this post we will discuss why you must be teaching your kids to code programs, what languages to learn, how to learn coding and where to learn and how to teach coding to your kids.

Why Kids Must Be Learning To Program

Lifetime Benefit and A Job

With the increasing dependence of society on technology, millions of jobs will be waiting for the programmers in future. Programming related job requirements are growing faster than any other stream, there is growing demand for Data Analysts, IT Specialists, Graphic Artists and System Engineers. Coding has already become a basic requirement in different type of jobs in almost every field.

Improves Mental Ability & Skills

  • Writing code develops patience in the person as it requires time and attention to write, codes often go wrong then time has to be invested to correct the mistakes which makes the kid persistent.
  • Makes a solution finding mindset as after writing code they have to run tests, finding problems and then debugging the program.
  • It also helps the kid to understand time management, utilize time on important tasks which will help to achieve the desired result.
  • They will automatically learn to organize their stuff in proper manner, tagging helps them to occupy the skill of management.

How to make Kids learn Coding

Now if you are convinced enough to make your Kid understand the languages of this tech generation then you may be wondering how to make them start learning coding. “How can I teach my kid to learn coding?” this is the question most of the parents may be asking themselves right now, well if you yourself is programmer then you may have the right idea from your experience to know how to grow kid’s interest in coding but if you’re not then don’t worry we will guide you.

Learning has no age

Yes, the best part about programming or coding is that it can be learned at any age, it will be a great experience for everyone to understand how programs work. Most of the parents have no idea at all about coding or what programming is and that’s totally fine, your generation was different but time has changed now your kids do need to learn them to walk with the present generation. The best way to approach your kids to learn coding is to learn with them, yes you. It’s not like you have to give a lot of time, it can be like your new hobby. Be interested in it, your kids will follow.

Where to learn coding

You may be wondering now where to take the coding/programming courses, is there a good teaching institute in your are or not. Worry not, in present world almost everything can be learned online. There are thousands of website which provide coding tutorials for free, you can search the one that suits you. If confused, here is list of most popular websites that can help you complete the programming course sitting at home:

Other than these online courses there are some special tactile and tangible toys which can help kids to develop interest at a very early age, do check out these:

Which Programming Languages To Learn

There are several different programming languages available, choosing one is as difficult as choosing an elective language or subject at school. The language that a programmer is specialized in tells a lot about him, it’s very important that the language is helpful in long run.

Different Types Of Programming Languages


Kids find easier to learn Python because its syntax is more attuned to a normal language, is well written and quite easy to understand. It’s better to build the programming foundations of your kid with Python, you can look up code libraries online without any difficulty.


Syntax-wise Ruby is the easiest to read language for the starters. The code is very much self explanatory which saves you from several hours of explaining how the code is working.  This is also a great language to help the kid understand the concept of programming. It is famous due to its use by Twitter.


Learning java is a lot more challenging than the other two languages mentioned above, it’s like taking next step in the world of programming. Java has been around for decades now and is almost used everywhere, you may have heard the word javascript.

Stop Thinking, Start Learning

World is moving fast, no time to waste, if you think you should learn these languages then start today. If kids start learning at early age then who knows they might end with a huge project like Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook or Bill Gate’s Microsoft, nothing is impossible, start now.

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